Cochin Arya Vaidya

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Tariff of Treatments,Rooms,Food,Yoga,Classes

Tariff of Treatments

Treatments Offered at our Center. The Treatment Charge is exclusive of medicines used. For More Details on the treatments click here

Product Name Price (In Indian Currency) (Per Day)
Pizhichil 650
navarakizhi 1450
navarakizhi(half) 750
navarakizhi spl. 2400
njavarakizhi spl(half) 1250
elakizhi 800
narangakizhi 800
thaila dhara 700
kashaya dhara 1300
kashaya dhara spl. 1800
kashaya vasti 1800
sneha vasthi/mathra vasthi 110
vamanam 2500
sneha panam 450
shiro vasthi 900
kadi vasthi 400
nasyam 60
lepanam 110
pichu 150
swedanam 110
takra dhara(s.p.l) 2000
udhwardhanam 450
ushma swedam,nasyam,palpoka 525
ksheera dhara(milk dhara) 1800
rakta moksham 600
sarwanga dhara spl. 2100
abyangam 450
abyangam local 300
steam bath/steambath(spl) 450/600
thalam 50
netra dhara 900
mukha lepanam(s.p.l) 750
mukha lepanam 450
spl face therapy 650
karnapooranam 400


Room Tariff (per day)

A.C Room(double room)- Rs 1300.

(inclusive of all taxes)

Double Room(non ac)- Rs 750.

(inclusive of all taxes)

Single Room- Rs 350.

(inclusive of all taxes)

Food (per day) (per person)

Kerala Vegetarian Diet Rs 350



Yoga (on request only)

 According to the nature of session...